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Noninvasive Pulmonary Blood Pressure

The proposed product harnessed the mathematical association between intracardiac pulmonary artery pressure (PAP) and multiple noninvasive biomedical signals collected from the human body surface, providing the reliable indicator and trend to monitor heart failure (HF) development. Ultimately, the solution will help HF patients reduce hospitalization and medical expenditure, improving the quality of life. Employing the product innovated by Silverleaf, doctors and physicians can replace invasive measurements mentioned above with a noninvasive way.

In addition, similar systems can attain the other important intracardiac hemodynamic parameters, such as left ventricular eject fraction, pulmonary wedge artery pressure, right ventricular pressure, and central venous pressure, which are also acquired by invasive devices.

This novel solution creates a new industrial standard for heart failure management disciplines.

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